Virtual Indian Robotics Championships

We partnered with exciting Indian educational robotics company Avishkaar to create a virtual Indian Robotics Championship for the first time ever.

Who are Avishkaar?

Avishkaar is an educational robotics company based in New Delhi, India. Avishkaar was started in 2009 with the aim of driving innovation within the youth of today.

Avishkaar runs multiple events a year with the IRC League, Which is Asia’s biggest robotics competition that aims to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It intends to capture the attention of young innovators by giving them problems and challenges that not only stretch their imagination but are also burning issues.







The Problem

Avishkaar’s biggest problem is that they want to be able to provide everyone with the ability to program and build through their products. However many kids who want to learn about tech and programming do not have the money to spend on a DIY robot kit.

“We impact 15,000 students in the IRC yearly with 24 regional events. But there are 400 million students in India. It's hard to increase capacity.”

Increase access to millions...

Avishkaar's problem is good like many, they want to increase access to as many students as possible but due to the nature of physical events and hardware it is extremely difficult.

  • COVID-19 meant physical access to the competition events was actually impossible.

  • The price of physical robots can be a limiting factor to increase access to students with unfortunate disadvantages

  • Access to these competitions can be very expensive due to travel, accommodation and more.

The Solution with Simbotify

We worked closely with Avishkaar to develop a virtual version of the International Robotics Championship for launch in India for the first time ever, in 2020.

Simbotify has enabled a groundbreaking virtual robot competition that will provide any child with the ability to program their own virtual robot regardless of their background or location.

Highly quality, physically accurate virtual Avishkaar robot in the IRC grids.

Avishkaar achieve hyperscale

By utilising the power of Simbotify, Avishkaar have achieved the ability to scale their hardware in the most accessible way yet.

  • The exact same code runs on the virtual bot as it does on the physical

  • Achieved cost effective scaling mechanism

  • Access to children of all backgrounds and more students than ever before

  • Instantly global access

“Now we can truly achieve our mission to impact as many students as possible and empower the makers of the future no matter what the background.”

Achieve hyperscale now

Virtualise your robot without the hassle.